Dana Point Harbor AA Hardcore Meeting, Dana Point, California

November 20, 2006 at 8:16 am (12 step program, Alcoholicos Anonimos, Alcoholics Anonymous, Blogroll, crime, Dana Point Harbor, harassment, Orange County Alcoholics Anonymous, Psychological Harassment, Psychology, South Coast Recovery)

Psychological harassment, being the broadest kind of harassment, is malicious and criminal. Members of Alcoholics Anonymous and NA terrorize, demean, and stalk one individual to cause humiliation and isolation, overall harm. Sensitising the victim to topics such as rape, child molestation and more, these people, some of whom may have actually committed such heinous crimes, have proven to be weak morally, and empty intellectually. One victims account of being terror stalked, psychologically raped by individuals acting as a groups at AA and NA in Dana Point Harbor, California.  

 Moral Harassments and  Psychological Violence    

For near three months, while attending manditory meetings through a recovery program, at the AA/NA meeting held at the picturesque harbor of Dana Point, California, I was psychologically harassed by members of AA as well as NA.

The harassments included gaslighting, directed conversations, and an insidious tactic that involved adding strange and unnatural flavoring to the coffee that I was to drink, and watching me with pleasure as I would try to find the untainted cup, or the untainted hot water dispenser.

The organised level of such an on going harassment was very evident, as they had always carefully planned the seating, and directed certain topics within the monologues spoken, at many of the meetings, that I attended Monday to Friday during the months of August and September of this year.

Sensitised to certain themes while residing at South Coast Recovery, these discussions in the meetings were to cause the victim discomfort, hyper-self consciousness, and demoralization. I might add that I endured an incredible level of harassment while at South Coast Recovery, and what I experienced at the meetings of AA/NA were auxilary to the psychological undermining experienced at South Coast Recovery.    

A resident in the South Coast Recovery program I endure nightly harassments with unnaturally strong harassment odours as well as chemical fumes put around me while in bed. The chemical fumes caused a discomfort in my mouth, such as one might feel if inhaling cleaning aerosol, as well as causing a generalised numbness and feelings of anxiety. Clients would alienate me so to cause me to feel that other were talking about me. 

Female clients, early in my stay at South Coast behaved in subtle ways, as if to cause me to feel that they considered me to be a homosexual. All of this served to undermine my self worth, composure, and well being, and alienate me in a gener al sense. At South Coast Recovery  I endured a daily level of psychological undermining, which was organised, and included several lower staff members, and clients.

At the outside meeting, NA members would stalk me in the distance, large men in sweatpants and hooded sweatshirts. Though I had no problem with the coffee at the NA meetings, I was none the less victim of psychological stalking harassment. Again as in the AA meetings, I was victim of attempts to break my mental stablity with directed conversations, monologues, and stalking postures, all geared towards undermining my morally self worth. 

The overall effort, in conjunction with the psychological abuse I endured at South Coast Recovery, was to casue me to feel intense humiliation, with the thematic underlying topics of sexual misconduct in regards to children, or adults. Stalking was so evident in the seating arrangements, and during the meetings these stalkers would stare and glare, especially when topics or words relating to of heinous sexual misconduct, or young children were mentioned.

This kind of harassment may result from a certain behavior, repeated gestures and acts, or words that the person harassed sees as hostile and undesirable. What makes these acts a form of harassment is the way they endanger the dignity, as well as psychological and physical integrity of the person harassed, and turn her/ his work space or study space into hell.


A structured environment such as one found in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, or 12 Steps groups are ideal venues in which the practice of terror stalking, psychological violence, as well as moral  harassment can take place. Members, though not all, are ex-cons, serial criminals, and generally people with hidden dark secrets. Their moral characters are very questionable, and given the right insentives they may easily be lead into repeated psychological terror stalking aimed at undermining an innocent individuals psychology, and causing them intense mental stress, perhaps for pleasure.


I have never been arrested for committing a crime, and I have not hidden dark secrets, nor a sorted past. The people who took part in what is presented above committed a crime that is not only close to intense slander, but heinous.

Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step Groups may very well help people, but from my experience there is an element within these groups that behave as criminal mobs out to harm people, if that means that they can have power and control. The experience that I endure is similar to rape, in that the victim is powerless, and totally at the mercy of the perpetrator.         

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